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As part of our comprehensive range of flat roof replacement and roofing repair services, we also offer all of our customers particular expertise in removing, repairing and replacing fascias, soffits, chimney pointing and repairs, cast iron, aluminium and uPVC plastic gutters and downpipes repaired or replaced. Call for free advice and estimates: 01245 200582 - Mobile: 07968 556958
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What Makes us Different

New Flat Roof Installations Guaranteed for 20 Years

High performance materials have a manufacturer guarantee and will easily last from 20 to 30 years, dependant on the quality of installation and material used.

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Highly Skilled and Experienced Flat Roofers

Our skilled and experienced flat roofers are efficient and friendly, committed to achieving high standards of work and a 100% customer satisfaction experience.

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Creative Reliable and Cost Effective Solutions

We have been in the building industry for over 30 years and have used creative methods to solve many problems other tradesman were completely baffled by.

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50% of our Turnover is from Previous Customers

Existing customers have recommended us time and time again, not only to their families but also to their friends, colleagues and the people they work with.

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