Long Lasting and Durable Asphalt Flat Roofing Coating

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Mastic Asphalt Flat Roofing is a Very Durable Coating

Mastic Asphalt Covering for Durable Flat Roofing.

Mastic Asphalt is a waterproof material that is used for flat roofing, also used on floors, paving and basements, but most commonly on flat roofing. Not often now seen due expense and modern easier to apply alternatives.

Asphalt is made up of a compound called bitumen. Bitumen is a by-product of the petroleum refinement stage, and within this compound the particles are bound together especially tight. In In order to add additional strength to mastic Asphalt, fine aggregate is blended in. Aggregate types can vary dependant on use but often limestone is used for roofing grades and granite is added for paving use. This material is known as mastic Asphalt.

Mastic Asphalt Roofing

Mastic Asphalt is a building material that has a number of uses. It is used on pavements and flooring, but most importantly it is used in flat roofing. It is commonly used on the flat roofing of commercial buildings as it can create an extremely strong and durable roof that will accept traffic without causing damage. However point loading in very warm conditions is not recommended.

Mastic Asphalt for flat roofing is generally applied in two coats. The material is supplied in solid blocks and is heated using a specialist boiler or mixer. It is poured onto the surface and, using a hard wood float, it is spread to the correct thickness. The second coat has dry sand applied to the top that is rubbed in. When it cures, a dense and solid material is created which is waterproof and impermeable.

The benefits of a mastic Asphalt roof are obvious, but they still need to be installed correctly for them to reach their full potential. This article will look at some of the regulations and guidelines that are associated with mastic Asphalt flat roofing, which need to be followed to ensure a professional finish.

When Applying Mastic Asphalt for flat Roofing Generally

  • Mastic Asphalt needs to be applied in accordance with the traffic conditions and requirements of the roof.
  • Where falls are more than 1:80, two 20mm coats of mastic Asphalt are required.
  • Where falls are below 1:80, three thinner layers of mastic Asphalt will be required generating no more than 30mm. These guidelines are in accordance with the BS 8218: 1998 regulations.
  • When Applying Mastic Asphalt to Horizontal, Vertical or Sloping Surfaces.
  • On horizontal surfaces and pitches up to 10°, two 20mm coats of mastic Asphalt will need to be applied on a separating membrane.
  • On sloping and vertical surfaces over 10°, three 20mm coats will need to be applied without a separating membrane.
  • On sloping and vertical surfaces over 10° which use timber or lightweight concrete, but not skirting, three coats of mastic Asphalt that create a combined thickness of 20mm are required with no separating membrane.
  • On sloping and vertical surfaces over 10° which use timber or lightweight concrete, which includes skirting, three coats of mastic Asphalt that create a combined thickness of 20mm needs to be laid onto metal lathing over a separating membrane.
  • On horizontal surfaces that are used as reservoirs, roof gardens or buried waterproofing, three coats of mastic asphalt that create a combined thickness of 30mm needs to be applied onto a Glass Fibre tissue.
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Common Repairs And Maintenance

  • Bumps appearing in the flat roof
  • Missing upstands or flashings
  • Blistering of the Asphalt covering
  • Cracks, wrinkles or splits appear
  • Shrinkage or sagging problems
  • Standing water ( ponding )
  • A good Asphalt roof is hard to beat
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New flat roof installations have a 20 Year Guarantee.

Long lasting Asphalt Flat Roofing is an excellent Flat Roof Coating for most types of flat roofs.

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